Graham Media Group: Solving For Growing Live Streaming Demand

Faced with growing live streaming demand, Graham Media Group sought a robust video streaming platform and to solve the inefficiencies of traditional live broadcasting. In Arc XP, they found solutions to both challenges.

The Challenge

Like many broadcasters, Graham Media Group (GMG) has evolved to produce content that extends beyond traditional television channels to online, OTT, podcasts, apps and other audio devices.

Faced with growing live streaming demand, GMG was challenged by the limitations of their current video platform. This, coupled with the inefficiencies of the traditional live broadcast model, namely the expense and limited availability of the heavy equipment required, drove GMG to find a new solution, one that enabled them to stay at the forefront of not only broadcasting, but the digital landscape as well.

The Solution

In early 2019, GMG transitioned from their current video platform partner to Arc XP’s broadcast-quality video streaming platform built on AWS.

Thanks to Arc XP’s microservices architecture, GMG solved a key challenge to meeting live streaming demand: finding a video CMS robust enough to handle seamless and efficient video delivery across all channels. Including an automated workflow that enabled GMG’s affiliate stations to quickly and efficiently cut and publish live video to the web, mobile, social media and other channels, the multisite capabilities or Arc’s video platform provided greater efficiency, allowing for seamless coordination across newsrooms and effortless content sharing between markets.

To solve the live streaming limitations presented by traditional live broadcast equipment, Graham and Arc XP collaborated to develop the first-of-its-kind native app: Broadcast. Through Broadcast, journalists can simultaneously stream high-quality live video directly from their phone to over-the-air, to station websites, and social media.

The Impact

Thrilled with the impact Arc XP’s platform had on modernizing their video publishing operations, GMG migrated the rest of their content ecosystem into Arc XP’s headless CMS platform. After launching the first site in just eight weeks, the remaining seven sites were rolled out over the course of the next two and a half weeks. The results of the transition have exceeded GMG’s wildest expectations.

“Not only did we execute more code releases in our first week on Arc’s platform than we did in an entire year with our previous CMS,” said Jonathan Beard, Director of Digital Product Development for Graham Media Group. “But we’ve seen significant improvements in page load speed, SEO and overall performance that have led to enormous site traffic growth well over a hundred percent.”

In less than a year since its launch, the Broadcast app has become part of GMG’s affiliate stations’ regular coverage, involved in the daily news and community events, relied upon in breaking news moments and severe weather updates, and utilized as part of interactive live event watch parties.

“Broadcast allows me to deploy my staff in ways I never could before,” said Allison McGinley, News 6 News Director. “Leveraging this technology in breaking news situations - when minutes count - will allow News 6 to get critical information to our viewers much faster and more efficiently. Now everybody in my newsroom is a reporter.”

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