Arc Publishing unveils streaming video app Broadcast

Arc Publishing today introduced Broadcast, a first-of-its-kind mobile app that allows journalists to stream high-quality live video to multiple sites and social platforms simultaneously.

June 27, 2019 -- Arc Publishing today introduced Broadcast, a first-of-its-kind mobile app that allows journalists to stream high-quality live video to multiple sites and social platforms simultaneously. From breaking news reports to scheduled news events, journalists can bring their audiences live coverage on a variety of platforms using their mobile device. Broadcast was developed in collaboration with Graham Media Group and the app debuted at Arc Con, Arc Publishing’s annual customer event held in Washington, D.C.

“Creating high quality live video in the field requires a tremendous amount of resources and costs for broadcasters, publishers and even brands. We built Broadcast with that in mind, creating a product that minimizes the lift associated with that process and empowers journalists and content creators to capture and stream video that reaches a broader audience on any number of platforms they choose,” said Scot Gillespie, Chief Technology Officer at The Washington Post. “Our collaboration with Graham Media Group was an essential part of ensuring Broadcast met the needs of our TV customers and they recognize that the broadcast industry is ripe for disruption in the digital age. It became clear, though, as the product came together that the app would solve common challenges faced by digital publishers in the media and across industries.”

With Broadcast, which leverages AWS Media Services to deliver new streams on-demand using cloud technology, publishers can quickly launch new live streams on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram as well as their own owned-and-operated websites and OTT apps. Journalists can create professional streams by adding lower third graphics or logos to the stream right from their phone. Because Broadcast is integrated with Arc’s video asset management system, editors can coordinate remotely with journalists in the field to manage distribution or update the livestream’s graphic overlays.

“Reporting live from the field is what broadcast media does best and we are constantly evolving how and where we reach our audience. When we first approached Arc with the idea of reducing friction between our live reporting and getting that content to our digital platforms, they jumped at the opportunity to help. Not only are we able to easily publish live content using the Arc Goldfish platform, but the Arc team quickly prototyped a mobile app that gives our reporters an entire control room in their pocket,” said Catherine Badalamente, VP and Chief Innovation Officer at Graham Media Group. “Graham Media is excited to debut all of this technology during the July 4th Fireworks at the Fountain event where dozens of live sources, including the Broadcast app, will feed WKMG News 6 and’s digital and traditional broadcast coverage.”

In upcoming releases, Broadcast will incorporate real-time audience reaction on social media, giving reporters a way to see feedback from viewers during a live stream and interact with those comments. Broadcast will also capture audience analytics for live streams, allowing journalists to look back at how those live events performed across platforms.

Graham Media Group will be the first Arc client to utilize Broadcast and the app will be available more broadly to Arc clients later this year.

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