Arc XP deepens relationship with Amazon Web Services across sales, marketing and technical development

Arc is working with AWS to help drive new business and accelerate the sales cycle for participating independent software providers through co-selling with the AWS sales organization.

September 19, 2019 -- Arc XP, formerly Arc Publishing, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner, today announces a new collaboration with AWS to support the APN. Arc is working with AWS to help drive new business and accelerate the sales cycle for participating independent software providers through co-selling with the AWS sales organization, connecting and supporting APN Partners with opportunities related to active AWS customers. Arc has the potential to revolutionize the global digital publishing landscape for publishers, brands and broadcasters of all sizes and across industries.

Arc, which continues to experience tremendous growth and currently powers sites that reach more than 750 million monthly unique visitors globally, leverages a number of AWS services including AWS Elemental Media Service to power Arc’s industry-disrupting on-demand and live video platform, AWS Lambda as the compute for Arc’s high performant PageBuilder web rendering platform, Amazon Kinesis to enable robust client integrations, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Aurora for Arc’s extensible and lightning fast content stores, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for web traffic offloading and application caching to create a speedy end user experience.

“Arc has established itself as a leading content management platform for digital content creation and distribution, equipping organizations with a flexible, scalable solution that is simple to run and gives them the tools they need to grow their business and create an engaging experience for their users,” said Scot Gillespie, chief technology officer of The Washington Post. “Our deeper collaboration with APN allows Arc to take advantage of the breadth and depth of AWS to continue to accelerate growth and ensure we’re on the leading edge of AWS service adoption for the benefit of our current and future clients.”

AWS is devoting increased resources to support go-to-market (GTM) initiatives for selected startup APN Partners. From co-development support to improve products and technology, so that they can build on their AWS expertise with AWS innovation credits; to co-marketing activities to increase visibility and exposure with large enterprise end-customers, as APN did with Arc earlier this year when it was one of the main sponsors of the Arc Con 2019 conference; to co-selling to better serve shared customers and build joint pipeline of deals and shared sales incentives, and accelerate their growth.

The Arc platform, built on AWS, is used by some of the biggest publishers, broadcasters and brands in the world, including Tribune, PRISA Noticias, Boston Globe, among others, helping them deliver a faster, more efficient and more flexible way to publish content.

About Arc XP

Arc XP, formerly Arc Publishing, is an award-winning, state-of-the-art digital platform and suite of tools that’s engineered to meet the demands of modern publishers, brands and broadcasters around the world. Built by The Washington Post, Arc technology handles complex multi-site publishing and audience needs across video, web, apps, subscriptions and ad monetization, providing a competitive advantage enhanced by a set of sophisticated machine learning and AI-powered tools. Arc has powered the digital transformation of clients both large and small across the globe, currently serving more than 750 million unique visitors monthly. At its core, Arc is about speed and innovation: for readers, newsrooms, brands, advertisers and developers.