Arc Publishing announces new client Raycom Media, entering broadcast market

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing today announced it has licensed technology to Raycom Media, which has relaunched 42 of the company’s television and radio stations on the Arc platform.

December 13, 2018 -- The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing today announced it has licensed technology to Raycom Media, which has relaunched 42 of the company’s television and radio stations on the Arc platform. Raycom Media is one of the largest media companies in the U.S. with stations in 44 markets and 20 states.

“The Arc platform enables fast and seamless integration not only for news publishers but also large digital brands on any site worldwide, and we’re excited to extend this to a major national broadcaster like Raycom Media,” said Scot Gillespie, CTO of The Washington Post. “Arc’s live and on-demand video capabilities, combined with its superior multi-site support, gives Raycom Media a powerful platform with which to achieve their digital publishing goals.”

Utilizing the flexibility of the platform, Arc’s team has created turn-key solutions to rapidly on-board clients. In addition to powering those Raycom Media sites in fewer than six months, Arc launched iOS and Android apps for 39 of its stations in the same time frame.

“Working with the Arc team, we were able to bring industry-leading digital publishing solutions to each of our local broadcast markets in record time,” said Joe Fiveash, Executive Vice President, Digital Media and Strategy at Raycom Media. “Our viewers are increasingly engaging with our content both on the web and mobile apps, and the new video tools Arc offers allow us to better optimize the workflows between our broadcast systems and our digital properties to better serve those audiences. We are excited about the partnership with Arc Publishing and look forward to what we can achieve on the platform.”

One of Arc’s key differentiators is a seamless integration of live broadcast streams with broadcasters’ digital publishing stack, providing automated workflows for making live broadcast video available for online publishing. Using Arc’s video management system, Raycom Media’s outlets can easily and efficiently clip, crop and publish live video streams—even while the stream is still ongoing—and quickly distribute them to the web, mobile, social media and other channels. In addition to quickly delivering broadcast content across various platforms during live streams, stations can immediately publish breaking news video streams to these platforms during a broadcast.

The Washington Post’s Arc platform is built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), including AWS Elemental Media Services that make it fast and easy to prepare, process, and deliver broadcast and over-the-top video from the AWS Cloud.

“By using AWS, broadcasters can scale over-the-top TV operations, be more cost-efficient, and publish faster in response to intense consumer demand for news, sports, and entertainment media on their preferred devices,” said Alex Dunlap, General Manager of AWS Elemental. “Arc’s content management platform pulls together all the components required to help broadcast leaders, such as Raycom Media, simplify workflows so they can focus on providing the content viewers want.”

Gillespie added, “With the combined capabilities of AWS Elemental and Arc’s new live video features, we are well-positioned to support the broadcast industry and continue to power the digital transformation of brands across industries and verticals.”

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