La Tercera: Replatforming to Drive Performance and Unlock Growth

To improve site performance, streamline their content creation process and unlock growth opportunities, Copesa migrated La Tercera’s site and content management to Arc XP’s digital experience platform, achieving immediate and wide-ranging results.

The Challenge

Burdened by an aging Wordpress-based website on a self-hosted infrastructure, Copesa’s flagship publication, La Tercera, one of the most influential publications in Chile, experienced subpar digital performance, reliability and SEO, and struggled with elongated content development timelines because of complicated workarounds and constant upkeep.

As a result, Copesa sought a replacement solution that would not only improve La Tercera’s site performance but could also streamline the editorial process and unlock growth opportunities.

An End-to-End Solution

After evaluating several options, Copesa made the decision to migrate La Tercera’s site to Arc XP. A Saas-based digital experience platform built on AWS, Arc XP not only solved La Tercera’s content management and site performance challenges but propelled growth for their digital subscriptions.

“We were looking for a partner that could help us accelerate Copesa’s already successful strategic shift to digital, and we found in Arc XP not just a solution, but also a partner, with a team we can count on supporting and challenging us,” said Sebastian Rivas, General Editor of Audiences, La Tercera and Grupo Copesa. “Arc not only had the best fitting product offering from the tools we evaluated, but it also helped us reduce operational and hosting costs for La Tercera, while achieving record-shattering numbers for both traffic and digital subscriptions.”

Game-Changing Impact

The impact Arc delivered for Copesa was both immediate and wide-ranging including:

  • 75 percent improvement to La Tercera’s page load speed
  • 52 percent increase in site traffic and 2X number of new users within La Tercera’s first 30 days on Arc
  • 66 percent YOY increase in users, with a 70 percent increase in new users and a 62 percent increase in number of sessions within La Tercera’s first three months on Arc XP

Growth for La Tercera’s digital subscriptions was as equally impressive. In their first three months on Arc, before migrating to Arc Subscriptions, La Tercera saw a 58 percent growth in new subscribers compared to the previous year. Following their migration to Arc Subscriptions, that growth exploded with a a 200 percent YOY increase in new subscribers in the first month.

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