Attract readers, optimize registration and paywalls, and manage customer accounts with one suite of tools.

Fully integrated into the Arc XP suite, Arc XP Subscriptions works hand-in-hand with our agile content management system and website experience platform to deliver efficiencies for business users and developers alike.


Turn unknown visitors into registered users and start building meaningful relationships.
  • Capture users on your site or via social sign-in and build robust user profiles with extended attributes.
  • Security features including reCaptcha, email verification and blacklisting domains provide security against bot and malicious accounts.
  • A built-in customer portal enables your agents to assist customers with any identity and subscription-related issues that may occur.


Design, test, deploy and manage your products, offers, and paywall strategy in minutes — without the need for developer support.
  • Arc XP’s paywall supports the full range of hard and metered paywall approaches with individualized rule settings and triggers using content and audience attributes.
  • Intuitive tooling enables non-dev teams to configure products and digital catalogs. Configure variable pricing strategies and define recurrent intervals, with the ability to include discounts, with ease.
  • Self-service functionality allows marketers to create product offerings and build, test and iterate offers in minutes.


Integrations with the leading payment gateway partners and bank-level security with a consistent user experience delivers a fast and secure checkout model.
  • Individual and group subscription management with three different acquisition methods allows for the creation of the subscription strategy that best fits your business.
  • Active subscription updating functionality enables you to build subscriber retention strategies as well as seamlessly deploy mass price strategy changes.
  • Integrated payment gateways simplify payment processing while payment optimization capabilities reduce involuntary churn due to failed payments.

Get to market faster and start growing your subscription revenue.

Arc XP Themes is a quick-launch tool kit of customizable out-of-the-box components and page templates that shorten the time it takes to build and launch a digital subscription offering.

Arc XP is designed to meet your team where they’re at — and take them where they need to go.

Cloud-native and built on AWS, Arc XP delivers one powerful solution to create and distribute content, drive subscription revenue, and deliver powerful multichannel experiences at scale.
  • Simplify the creation of content infused with the visual elements that engage visitors and simultaneously deliver experiences across all channels.
  • Eliminate the waste of maintaining and trouble-shooting various digital point solutions and refocus developers on what matters.
  • Future-proof your business with a fully hosted and managed SaaS platform that keeps you moving forward with the latest digital technologies.

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