Bring order to your content production.

Arc XP Content is an agile content management system that reimagines how you deliver digital journalism with targeted, context-driven content deployed seamlessly across all formats, channels, and devices.
  • Rich text editing, robust templating, and centralized digital asset management tools make it easy to bring your stories to life.
  • Configurable workflows and sophisticated permissioning bring efficiency to content development and multisite distribution.
  • Built-in feeds and omnichannel-tailored schema power content delivery across web, mobile, OTT, and off-site channels including FBIA, Apple News, and RSS.

Meet the needs of your digital teams and developers alike.

Fully hosted and managed, the Arc XP Experience Platform puts website editing capabilities directly into the hands of digital teams and frees developers to focus on delivering new features.
  • A low-code and intuitive user interface with pre-built components removes the hassle of website curation for homepage editors and digital teams to create and update pages without developer support.
  • A React.js-based development platform combined with serverless architecture and CI/CD blue-green deployment deliver the modern experience developers are looking for.
  • ISO 27001 certified, microservices development on AWS, and a built-in global CDN mean you can rest assured that your site is secure, fast, and stable.

Drive audience engagement and accelerate content monetization.

Designed specifically for digital content subscriptions, Arc XP Subscriptions is fully integrated into Arc XP’s agile CMS to streamline workflows and amplify content engagement.
  • User journeys based on individual attributes and content type combine with flexible product and pricing tools to effectively monetize your content.
  • Paywall placement, pay and registration gating, content restriction rules, and CDP and payment integrations combine to simplify paywall optimization.
  • Built-in customer service tools and APIs for real-time data delivery provide holistic subscription lifecycle management.

“In Arc XP, we have a partner with a committed team, efficient tools, a secure platform, and products that evolve quickly.”

Daniel Hadad, Founder and CEO

Delivering real value for real customers.

See the real-world value Arc XP provides in the Total Economic Impact™ of Arc XP. Conducted by Forrester, this study identifies how Arc XP, built on AWS, helps customers operate more effectively, lower costs, and grow digital revenue.

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