Arc XP Content

Arc XP Content is an enterprise-scale agile content management system that simplifies content management to accelerate reaching audiences - both internal and external - across all channels and devices.
Pair Arc XP Content with Arc XP’s front-end experience platform for a performant end-to-end solution or integrate headlessly into the front-end platform of your choice.
  • Rich text editing, content templates and centralized digital asset management — including a built-in video platform — make creating engaging, multifaceted content easy.
  • Customize and automate workflows and permission settings to simplify content collaboration across internal teams and agencies.
  • GraphQL and RESTful content APIs, and an open schema enable direct delivery across digital channels.

Arc XP Experience Platform

Fully hosted and managed on AWS, the Arc XP Experience Platform is a front end experience platform designed for full extensibility so you’re never boxed in as technology evolves.
  • A low-code/no-code platform, intuitive user interfaces, and pre-built components enable digital teams to create and update sites faster and without developer support.
  • A React.js-based development platform combined with serverless architecture and true blue-green deployments that can be inserted into any CI/CD pipeline deliver a modern developer experience.
  • ISO 27001 certified, microservices development, and a built-in global CDN mean you can rest assured that your site is secure, fast, and stable.

BP: Building a ‘write once, publish anywhere’ culture.

“Arc XP allows our comms professionals to concentrate on producing content rather than navigating multiple publishing systems. Its flexibility fits perfectly with our ‘write once, publish anywhere’ strategy for digital publishing.”
Geoff Morrell, Head of Communications and External Affairs

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