Arc XP announces support for AWS Media & Entertainment initiative

The new AWS Media & Entertainment initiative from Amazon Web Services features new and existing services from AWS and AWS Partners built specifically for content creators, rights holders, producers, broadcasters and distributors.

April 29, 2021 — Arc XP, a cloud-native digital experience platform (DXP), today announces support for the AWS Media & Entertainment initiative from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to streamline complex content workflows and enable distribution of up-to-the-minute content across platforms.

AWS for Media & Entertainment is an initiative featuring new and existing services and solutions from AWS and AWS Partners, built specifically for content creators, rights holders, producers, broadcasters, and distributors. AWS adds the newly announced Amazon Nimble Studio, a service that enables customers to set up creative studios in hours instead of weeks, to a portfolio of more purpose-built media and entertainment industry services than any other cloud, including AWS Elemental MediaPackage, AWS Elemental MediaConnect, AWS Elemental MediaLive, AWS Elemental MediaConvert, and Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS). AWS for Media & Entertainment also simplifies the process of building, deploying, and reinventing mission-critical industry workloads by aligning AWS and AWS Partner capabilities against five solution areas: Content Production; Media Supply Chain & Archive; Broadcast; Direct-to-Consumer & Streaming; and Data Science & Analytics.

Trusted by many of the world’s largest media who use the platform to run their site experience and publish tens of thousands of pieces of content each day, Arc XP is built on AWS utilizing over 100 services including:

  • AWS Elemental MediaLive, a broadcast-grade live video processing service that allows users to create high-quality video streams for delivery to broadcast televisions and internet-connected multiscreen devices, like connected TVs, tablets, smart phones, and set-top boxes.
  • AWS Elemental MediaTailor, a channel assembly and personalized ad insertion service for video providers to create linear OTT (internet delivered) channels using existing video content and monetize those channels, or other live streams and VOD content, with personalized advertising.
  • AWS Lambda, a serverless compute service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers, creating workload-aware cluster scaling logic, maintaining event integrations, or managing runtimes.

Using these and other AWS services in conjunction with each other, Arc XP creates unique, differentiating capabilities for its customers, including omnichannel live video publishing, fully integrated server-side dynamic ad insertion and scalable site experience rendering and delivery that can serve the needs of the world’s largest content producers.

“The breadth of AWS services has allowed Arc XP to go-to-market quickly and deliver on the promise of a platform that constantly evolves to meet our customers’ changing needs,” said Matt Monahan, VP of Product at Arc XP. “For our customers, especially those that are video-heavy users, this collaboration has enabled turnkey experimentation and streamlined the launch of new capabilities that continue to differentiate and monetize their user experience.”

As an Arc XP customer, Graham Media Group experienced tremendous audience growth and an increase in engagement, recording a 25% increase in site traffic within the first weeks on the platform and a 185% increase in daily users year-over-year as of March 2020, its first year on the platform. Graham also partnered with Arc XP on the development of a first-of-its-kind live video streaming app which leveraged AWS Elemental solutions and established Arc has one of the largest users of AWS Elemental.

“Arc XP has been a great platform for our team to iterate quickly and innovate. It leverages the power of AWS services like AWS Elemental MediaLive, and has allowed us to greatly improve a number of critical performance measures like page load speed, SEO, and overall user experience,” said Jonathan Beard, director of digital product development at Graham Media Group. “With Arc, we’re able to focus on our end users, prioritizing our resources on our consumer-facing channels and deliver on the increasing demand we’re seeing for local news.”

Arc XP is an a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and has achieved its AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency status. For AWS customers, Arc XP is available in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS, accessible here.

About Arc XP

Arc XP is a cloud-based digital experience platform that helps enterprise companies, retail brands and media and entertainment organizations create and distribute content, drive digital commerce, and deliver powerful multichannel experiences. A division of The Washington Post, Arc XP has powered the digital transformation of customers across the globe, currently serving more than 1,500 sites in 24 countries that reach more than 1.5 billion unique visitors monthly.