Arc XP to power digital publishing for forthcoming business news brand Bloomberg Línea

With Arc XP, Bloomberg Línea will use the most modern and sophisticated digital experience platform to support its goal of becoming the leading business news brand in Latin America and the Caribbean.

June 1, 2021 -- Bloomberg Línea, a forthcoming multi-platform business news brand from Bloomberg Media and Falic Media that will serve Latin America and the Caribbean, has selected Arc XP to power its site and publishing workflow when it launches later this year. With Arc, Bloomberg Línea will go live with the most modern and sophisticated digital experience platform, including tools for robust content creation, seamless and efficient workflow, multisite capabilities and multichannel distribution, and a flexible and extensible site infrastructure to ensure an exceptional user experience across platforms.

“Arc joins our mission to become the leading business news brand in Latin America and the Caribbean, supporting Bloomberg Línea to deliver first-class stories with time-to-market to different countries and time zones,” said Leon Falic, Chief Executive Officer of Falic Media.

“We are a mediatech company at heart, born and raised on digital, and we are open to have a dynamic platform like Arc to enable our multi-cultural teams across the Americas to deliver content to millions of readers in real-time” said Kaio Philipe, Chief Operating Officer of Bloomberg Línea.

Bloomberg Línea will harness the global resources of Bloomberg Media and the strength of Bloomberg’s 2,700 journalists and analysts in 120 countries to create a news destination for the fast-growing business audience in Latin America and the Caribbean, delivering extensive coverage of the companies, people, events and ideas shaping the markets in those regions. It will feature translated Bloomberg content and produced by a team of over 70 staff from around the regions.

“We’re incredibly pleased that Falic Media has selected Arc to power this significant expansion of their business. It’s a testament to the growth and success the platform has enabled for its customers in Central and South America as well as a reflection of the standard we’ve set for digital innovation and transformation in the media industry globally,” said Scot Gillespie, CTO and GM of Arc XP. “Arc’s multichannel capabilities will position Bloomberg Línea to serve as an essential source for global business news as well as more localized coverage, enabling journalists to seamlessly manage content for dozens of sites specific to the countries in the region while also serving readers in two languages.”

Bloomberg Línea will cover a broad range of topics relevant for decision makers and future leaders, including world news, business, economy, politics, markets, industries, culture/lifestyle, science and technology.

About Arc XP

Arc XP is a cloud-based digital experience platform that helps enterprise companies, retail brands and media and entertainment organizations create and distribute content, drive digital commerce, and deliver powerful multichannel experiences. A division of The Washington Post, Arc XP has powered the digital transformation of customers across the globe, currently serving more than 1,500 sites in 24 countries that reach more than 1.5 billion unique visitors monthly.

About Falic Media

Falic Media is a member of the Falic Group of Companies, a conglomerate with a diversified portfolio that includes travel retail/duty-free stores and brand boutiques, news and gift and convenience stores, food and beverage, fashion and beauty brands, consumer product distribution and e-commerce, gas stations, and hotels. The Group’s geographical reach is supported by offices in New York, Miami, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Israel, Hong Kong, and Singapore.