Demystifying the misconceptions of digital experience platforms

Watch this on-demand session from MarTech Spring 2022 where, with guest speaker Forrester, we dispel the myths surrounding DXPs.

Increasingly challenged by traditional content management systems to meet changing consumer behaviors and digital expectations, marketers are exploring the possibilities of digital experience platforms (DXPs). As this interest grows, so does the confusion surrounding what a DXP is, what it is not, and what they enable companies to do.

In this session from the recent MarTech virtual conference, Jeana Garms, Arc XP Vice President of Marketing, and guest speaker Joe Cicman, Forrester Senior Analyst, set the record straight on the myths and misconceptions surrounding DXPs including:

  • Explaining the role DXPs play in supporting today’s customer experience journey
  • Identifying how an effective DXP enables a good digital experience
  • Differentiating between the myths and realities of digital experience platforms

Watch the session on-demand:

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