Arc XP expands search and merchandising capabilities in its commerce solution with Algolia integration

Part of its Arc XP for Commerce solution, this pre-configured integration enables brands to deliver personalized search results and relevant product recommendations across their digital properties.

July 21, 2022- Arc XP today announced the general availability of its integration with the leading API Platform for Search and Discovery, Algolia.

As part of its Arc XP for Commerce solution, this pre-configured integration is available in the Arc XP Experience Platform where it will enable brands to deliver personalized search results and relevant recommendations across their digital properties.

As shoppers increasingly turn to digital channels, a great search experience can double a site’s conversion rate by helping shoppers more quickly find the products they want and provide an easy, dynamic purchasing journey.

“We are continuously enhancing the capabilities available through Arc XP’s platform by partnering with best-in-class solutions that ensure our customers are equipped to maximize their potential using our tools,” said Matt Monahan, VP of Product and Engineering at Arc XP. “With Algolia, Arc XP customers can both manage discovery behavior on their site and glean insights that allow them to customize the consumer experience in a way that drives toward their revenue goals.”

Features available to Arc XP customers through its integration with Algolia include:

  • Self-management and optimization: Manage both the framework and front end experience for search and merchandising while accessing real-time data and performance through Algolia’s dashboard to quickly adjust and optimize elements of the shopper experience.
  • Personalized browse and discovery: Create experiences that allow shoppers to browse a product catalog with personalized category pages, advanced navigation, and filters.
  • Unified search experience: Index content from Arc XP Content, in addition to other utilized content sources, and bring it into Algolia to provide federated search that delivers a unified search experience.
  • Visual editing: Utilize Algolia’s visual drag and drop interface to merchandise products, pin items, and hide results to tailor and enhance the shopper experience. Coupled with Arc XP’s assortment selector tool, customers are able to surface live and shoppable products within traditional content experiences to drive higher conversion rates by connecting shoppers to products earlier in the conversion funnel.
  • Out-of-the-box UX: Create and launch website pages faster with Arc XP’s Themes Commerce blocks which include a product assortment carousel, hero blocks, and a story carousel.
  • Advanced search capabilities: Improve search result delivery with search-as-you-type, typo tolerance and query suggestion capabilities.
  • Simplified collaboration: Marketing teams can work in Arc XP’s content and site experience tools alongside their merchandising counterparts working in Algolia to more swiftly serve shopper’s needs.

“Algolia has been pioneering the development of blazing fast search and discovery for ten years. A critical part of Algolia’s success in supporting its 12,000+ customers has been its evolving ecosystem of trusted partners that enable our customer to create greater business value,” said Michelle Adams, CRO, of Algolia. “Through Arc XP and Algolia’s partnership, new customers are ensured a seamless experience with the ability to leverage Arc XP’s built-in Algolia integration from day one.”

About Arc XP

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