Arc XP in Focus with AWS: Win, retain and grow customers in a digital-centric world

We joined Amazon Web Services on a recent edition of Solution in Focus to discuss how our platform solves key customer pain points related to digital content creation and development.

We were thrilled to join Amazon Web Services on a recent edition of Solution in Focus where they take a deeper look at the technologies available through the AWS Marketplace.

Below are highlights from Arc XP’s Solution in Focus session where we discuss how our platform solves key customer pain points related to digital content creation and development. The full recording and a demo of Arc XP’s platform is available to watch on-demand.

AWS: Who uses Arc XP?

Arc XP: We work closely with customers across a wide variety of industries, from enterprise and ecommerce to broadcast media and publishing. What they all have in common is that content creation is at the heart of their brands. The people who use our digital experience platform typically include content creators (think marketing teams, editorial teams, and internal and external communications teams) and development teams that build experiences on top of the platform.

AWS: How does Arc XP help customers accomplish their goals?

Arc XP: Bringing together the assets necessary to create and distribute a piece of content, whether it’s across web, mobile or social channels, can be a challenge internally, especially with disparate tools. Arc XP streamlines this process, helping customers ideate, create, deliver and manage various content types consistently across channels.

AWS: What are the major pain points that Arc XP helps customers solve?

Arc XP: The pain points we solve manifest themselves in business impact, whether that’s speed to market of capabilities, speed to publish or lack of consistent brand messaging. Causing these pain points are two specific issues that we commonly see pushing customers to transition to Arc XP. One, customers are using disparate tools or multiple point solutions to create and publish content. This can lead to complex content development processes, flat digital experiences, inconsistent branding and ultimately, slow time to market.

The other is related to legacy content management solutions. Many of these older platforms involve complex website hosting, high maintenance and performance issues which leads to reduced innovation.

Arc XP removes these hurdles, allowing internal teams to focus instead on the overall brand experience. For content creators and development teams, the solution optimizes content processes with consolidated tools to bring new content to market faster and reduce time spent managing disparate platforms. It also reduces reliance on development team support, giving business users the ability to edit their sites to enhance the user experience and launch microsites and landing pages themselves.

AWS: What is a real-life customer example where we can see Arc XP’s impact?

Arc XP: One of our largest customers, British Petroleum (BP), needed to maintain its corporate identity and communication across 79 countries, 16 languages and 70,000 employees. By adopting our integrated tools across their enterprise, they were able to reduce the time to publish by 75%, getting content and assets to market much faster.

AWS: How can companies tell if Arc XP might be a good fit for them?

Arc XP: If speed to market and innovating the customer experience is your goal, we can help with that. We solve that problem really well. Also, if your company is currently using a monolithic content management solution or is overwhelmed by too many platforms and tools for managing your content and websites, Arc XP would be a really good fit because of the efficiencies we can drive across your organization.

AWS: Why is a solution like Arc XP essential for businesses today?

Arc XP: Digital transformation and digital-first experiences are increasingly important for organizations across the board. Plus, today’s consumers expect these digital experiences to be engaging and frictionless. Disparate point solutions are insufficient and legacy systems are not best of breed, putting companies at an instant disadvantage. By streamlining processes and platforms, Arc XP allows internal teams to focus their efforts on optimizing their digital experiences and becoming more competitive overall.

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