Arc XP Content Suite

The headless CMS solution trusted by the largest content-creating organizations in the world

Efficient content creation at scale

Thousands of individual content creators publishing many times a day, millions of pieces of content and single organizations with hundreds of websites — Arc XP scales up to the needs of the world's largest clients.

Reach your audience on all platforms

Built-in feeds and a omnichannel-tailored schema means that customers have a good solution on the web, mobile, OTT and off-site channels like FBIA, Apple News, RSS, and emerging formats.

Automate the routine, focus on what counts

Every minute counts in content creation. Content templates make it fast and easy to create content quickly on a daily basis, and workflow hooks allow you to automate common tasks like taxonomy and metadata.

Extensible content formats

Enterprise-scale content creation made possible through custom content schemas and configurable editing interfaces. Arc XP's extensible plugin system ensures custom schemas are easy for content creators to actually use.

Multisite capable

Run many websites in a single organization with seamless sharing of content between properties. Sophisticated multisite permissions and configurable workflows allow organizations to combine enterprise control with cross-site efficiency.

Capture and create on the go

Create and update photos, videos, live video and article content on the go from your iOS device. Allow your content team to create content quickly from the field while a team in the office can refine and update it.

The best content starts with photo and video

Best-of-breed products combined with platform-integrated ease

Broadcaster-capable video publishing

VOD video transcoding, publishing and streaming that can scale from the occasional marketing video to the needs of the world’s largest broadcasters. Syndicate to OTT, social or MRSS. Playback on-site or off with players on iOS, Android, FireTV, tvOS and more. Monetize and measure with integrations available for popular ads and analytics providers.

Live video syndication & automation

Calendar-based live event management makes it simple to take live encoder content, including from Arc XP’s own iOS app, and turn it into site/app/social/OTT-ready content for consumers. Clip live streams into VOD in real-time and dynamically insert personalized ads based on timecode or SCTE markers.

Integrated photo asset management

Manage and curate photos with automated image resizing and in-app gallery editing. Arc XP’s dynamic resizing API and integrated CDN delivery layer takes the operations overhead out of image serving, and Arc XP’s photo library can handle any scale you throw at it, up to tens or hundreds of millions of images.

Manage content at scale

Integrated workflow management and channel planning

Enable complete transparency

Content, photos, galleries, videos, pages and collections, all in once place and visible across the team (with role-based permissions) driving efficiency and better collaboration. Keep your team in sync throughout the content creation process, and more effectively plan for content distribution.

Channel management made simple

Reach users on the platforms and devices they prefer with sophisticated channel planning and management. With curation tools, pitching workflows and content calendars designated by channel, Arc XP makes omni-channel easy.

Workflow that evolves with your team

Workflows shift and change as your company grows. With Arc XP, you can easily manage team structure and workflow process in an intuitive UI. To alert team members to workflow tasks that they need to complete, platform integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams and Email keep everyone up-to-date.

Integrated workflow analytics

Integrated content analytics takes the data created by the actual content creation process and makes it visible to your team. Resolve workflow bottlenecks, identify opportunities for better content promotion, and optimize publishing for your audience’s schedule. Content analytics can be viewed directly within Arc XP or exported to your data warehouse for further analysis.

True Headless Content

Conceived for headless workloads from the ground up

Extensible schema and interfaces

Enterprise-scale content and workflows are complex. With customizable schemas and a rich plugin framework, you can create content tailored to your needs. REST APIs, real-time event streams and webhook interfaces allow you to build integrations against nearly every aspect of the platform.

Real-time content event stream

With Arc XP’s real-time event-based integration framework, you can ensure Arc XP fits in seamlessly with the software you already run. Events are emitted whenever content or commerce objects are changed in any way, ensuring that external systems can be kept up to date with content within Arc. Complex workflows - metadata extraction, data warehouse population, automated translation or captioning — are all made possible.

GraphQL & Content API

Arc XP uses the technologies your development team wants to use. Content is retrieved through GraphQL or our RESTful Content API, and an open schema underpins all the content housed within Arc XP. Developer APIs mean that many of the operations and configuration users perform in the tools can also be performed programmatically.

Operations that scale

Highly available and stable, ready to publish at all times

24/7 worldwide support

We need that content creation is a business that never stops. Arc XP offers true 24/7 support, with proactive monitoring of issues and support teams staffed by highly-trained engineers to ensure you're ready to publish at all times.

Scalable and stable

Arc XP handles the operations so you don't have to. Even in headless operations, high traffic can often translate into high workload for API tiers. Arc XP's Site Reliability teams proactive monitor and scale content applications to seamless meet demand.

Internationalized worldwide

With support for content creation in nearly all locales worldwide, Arc XP is ready to handle your global content mission. Arc XP's tools themselves are also localized and accessible, making content creation simple for global teams with diverse needs.

Content security you can depend on

With sophisticated multisite-capable role-based permissions, ensure that your teams' access makes sense for their role. Access can be remotely managed via integrations with most major enterprise SSO platforms.