Arc XP Experiences Suite

Create bleeding-edge content & commerce experiences at enterprise scale, operated with 100% SaaS ease

Best-in-class tools for content creators

Whether you’re a merchandiser, home page producer, marketer or all-around content manager, Arc XP's Experience Suite marries low-code flexibility with ease of use. Deep integrations with the rest of the platform allow you to build rich digital experiences that include multimedia assets, commerce catalog data, live video content, and more.

Technology your development team demands

Arc XP provides a flexible hosted platform for site and omni-channel experience development combining React.js-based development with a modern serverless architecture that integrates with any APIs you can throw at it, and a CI/CD blue-green deployment system.

Easy onboarding meets enterprise customization

In Arc XP, site performance, SEO and usability are a forethought, not an afterthought. Make use of Arc XP’s out of the box components to launch new sites quickly, or customize in whole or in part. Arc XP includes a synthetic testing framework and RUM monitoring that makes understanding and improving your user experience a snap.

Cloud-native and fully-hosted — right to the edge

Architecture, site monitoring, CDN and origin servers — the teams and infrastructure needed to run large media and commerce sites is significant. Arc XP’s Experience Suite reduces your total cost of ownership while ensuring high availability. In a difficult hiring environment, you can keep your best resources focused on user-benefitting improvements, rather than keeping the lights on.

Bring focus to your user experience

Cast concerns about operations and table-stakes features aside, and delight users with the experience they deserve

Turnkey meets customization

Arc XP's Experience Suite ships with PageBuilder Themes. Far from your typical theming engine, platform-supported components — everything from site navigation to content rendering to advertising to checkout — all can sit side by side with custom-built components and layouts. Update styles and deploy changes across multisite networks with a click. Or launch sites that you custom-build from the ground up. Arc XP supports the full range of customization options.

Highly available and reliable

Arc XP serves some of the worlds largest brands to over a billion unique visitors every month globally. Enterprise-grade operations, monitoring, scaling and performance are what we do so you don’t have to.

The full experience

For most large media and commerce businesses, the cloud typically ends at the last layer of delivery, managing the CDN. Arc XP has partnered with Akamai and AWS to ensure performant delivery anywhere around the world, and manages delivery as a seamlessly-integrated part of the platform. Access to logs, monitoring and alerts ensure that while we manage the overhead, you’re not left in the dark.

Integrated synthetic testing and real-user monitoring

RUM data and synthetic testing, brought by our partner Catchpoint, ensure that you see what your customers see — and can take action. Seamlessly integrated into the platform, you have access to performance metrics on day 1.

24/7 global support

We know how important your site is to your brand, and are staffed around the clock and around the world with specialist engineers to ensure you have the support you need, when you need it. We also make it easy for your team to help themselves. With the Arc Learning Center, documentation and access to a community of Arc XP developers is a click away.

Accelerate your go-to-market plans

From buildout to launch, Arc XP reimagines enterprise timelines

Platform-supported building blocks

With hundreds of pre-built components that cover use cases from media, to enterprise communications, to marketing and B2C eCommerce, you can start building your site easily, regardless of industry. Arc XP's Blocks are maintained and updated by our team, ensuring a constant flow of new capabilities while leaving you in control of what your users see. Launch microsites while saving your development team for big projects — or use Arc XP's Blocks as a base to accelerate development.

Performance and SEO, built-in

People may not notice if you get performance, SEO and usability right — but your site will fail if you don’t. Luckily, Arc XP Blocks are built for performance and easy discovery from the ground up. Arc XP continuously optimizes site performance against the latest industry and search engine standards. We design with accessibility in mind and offer i18n support around the globe.

Web SDK to accelerate development

At enterprise scale, some things need to be built custom. Arc XP is designed so that customization doesn’t mean delaying your go-to market plans. Our Web SDK and Design System ensure that your dev team can meet your brand’s requirements, while still launching beautiful sites quickly. Libraries for video, checkout flow, user identity, paywall and other complex site elements help you launch quickly (or bring your own).

SDKs for mobile device & OTT apps

Nothing beats the engagement of natively-developed apps on mobile and connected devices. Arc XP isn’t just focused on the web. With our headless APIs and native SDKs available for all major platforms, supporting content, video, and commerce features within your mobile apps is a cinch.

Customize without compromise

Even if you build a site on Arc XP from scratch, Arc XP delivers the same great business features and cloud operations. Business users can manage your site and content through Arc's sophisticated site editor, and your company continues to benefit from Arc's turnkey operations of rendering and delivery.

Accelerate your business

A low-code site platform that puts the power in the hands of your content teams

Integrated content & commerce

Arc XP's site management tool is seamlessly integrated with the Content and Commerce Suites. From photo galleries to live video, product catalogs to personalized recommendations, content creators benefit from drag-and-drop ease. Best of all, these features extend even to custom-built sites.

Complete flexibility meets ease-of-use

Good user experience can make the difference between fast, iterative content updates — or a ticket to the IT team. Arc XP's low-code editor ensures that your business users, from homepage producers to marketing teams, can create content without the dev team. Layout changes, design tweaks and new content, completed with a click.

Built-in A/B and content testing

The top content and commerce experiences evolve based on data from continuously-running experience tests. Arc XP provides built-in audience segmentation for whole-experience testing, allowing content teams can create and resolve tests themselves. Integrated content testing brings the level of testing down to individual headlines, CTAs or product placement.

Collaborate seamlessly

Put an end to offline content collaboration. With Arc XP, multiple users around the globe can collaborate in real time on the same page, campaign or template. Merging capabilities combined with separate drafting and staging areas ensure that what actually gets published can be previewed and approved, even as the collaboration continues elsewhere.

Integrated workflow management

With integrated workflow and task management, ensure that your most important content is getting the right eyes on it before sharing with the world. Arc XP's workflow engine is built to keep things moving: with push notifications to popular corporate chat platforms and mobile approvals workflows, enterprise control does not need to be the enemy of speed.

Publish instantly or on a schedule

Arc XP ensures that whether you're publishing a single update or a complex change across hundreds of sites, publishes happen predictably and on schedule. We manage the particulars of cache clearing and multisite operations so your content creators can focus on delivering updates to your users.

A tech platform without equal

The platform built for high-impact development teams

React.js rendering

Create modern sites with a modern technology platform. Arc XP's Fusion rendering engine provides a React.js development platform as well as support for other js-based templating languages.

Modern deployment architecture

Arc XP's built-in deployment framework comes with CI/CD APIs and a push-button blue-green deployment architecture. Docker-based local environments with hot reloading make development fast, and updates to cloud environments can be fully automated.

Flexible rendering models

Arc XP supports a variety of site types, including universal javascript React apps, server-side rendered or static sites, and even single-page apps.

Integrated performance tools

Arc XP has partnered with industry leader Catchpoint to provide integrated synthetic testing/monitoring capabilities. Catchpoint's RUM analytics are integrated at edge and provide a real-time view of what your users are experiencing.

Content fetching

Focus your development efforts on the user experience. Arc XP provides a simple SDK for integrating with arbitrary backend APIs and data sources, making content retrieval for site rendering a snap. Pre-built content sources for Arc XP's own APIs making launching sites faster and easier.

Caching & CDN

Experienced development teams know that managing site scale can quickly consume your most talented resources' time. Arc XP manages rendering and origin scale, and cache operations both at edge as well as backing content cache — easing the operational burden for even your internal APIs.